PrintWithMe UX Consultancy


The Opportunity

As a customer of this small print-networking startup, I offered my UX feedback to the owner. Our conversation lead to an offer to work together for a few small projects. The company, who provides print-and-pay printers to primarily coffee shops, was looking for UX work for a few initiatives such as responsive checkout optimization and encouraging social media sharing post-purchase.

My Role

• UX Consultant
• UI / Visual Designer
• Information Architect
• Copywriter


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

UX Consultancy, IA, and Visual Designs

Using techniques such as gamification and social proof, and infusing casual copy and a new simplified aesthetic, I created a number of screens and flows for this print-and-pay startup. Our projects included social sharing encouragement through Twitter, Facebook, and email; and checkout optimization to transition to a subscription model.


If I've piqued your interest or you have questions, please reach out. Unless you're a bot, in which case, please do not.

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