Sears, Kmart, Craftsman


The Opportunity

Large e-Commerce brands such as Sears, Kmart, The Great Indoors, Craftsman, MyGofer, and Kenmore needed support in their Visual Design department to help with their web presence and sell their products.

My Role

• UI / Visual Designer
• Information Architect Assistant, working with IA team
• Marketing Ad Designer
• Illustrator of Brand Assets


• Visual designers didn't have a lot of impact in final executive decisions on the Agile team or in the organization in general
• The "design team innovation" environment was lacking
• My knowledge of Agile was limited


✓ I created new UI that allowed users to better filter to their needs and find relevant products, creating better engagement, greater consumer satisfaction, and millions in additional revenue for organization.
✓ Sears worked in the Agile production environment so I was able to work alongside very talented developers who taught me a lot.


During my contract, I designed sections of Sears product retail pages, with a focus on product filtering, item details, navigation, and page advertising.

* This is a recent Sears page. This page shows elements of my original design only.

Kmart, Kenmore & Craftsman Page Optimizations

I designed Sears' sub-brand Kmart, Kenmore, and Craftsman e-Comm pages, with a focus on navigation UI, product details, filtering, and user tools.

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