Thresher - SaaS Data Analysis & AI Platform


The Opportunity

A small startup, recently acquired by Two Six Technologies, was in need of a platform for their fairly complicated and innovative product. I was retained as the sole UX/UI designer for the project. I worked remotely with the CEO and Founder, a product manager, and several engineers to bring our concept to life. I also created the marketing website in order to help tell the story to investors and clients.

My Role

• UI / UX / Visual Designer
• Information Architect


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Created a successful interface for a fledgling startup, which set up the company for investor interest.
✓ The platform and design were well-received, based on design and interaction feedback from government agents working with the White House

Wireframe & Visual Design

Creating visuals for AI and machine learning platform

I worked as a contract designer to create a Cyberware platform that utilized machine learning and AI (SaaS desktop-based site). Basically, that means this interface helped government agencies, data scientists, and healthcare companies decode foreign markets through data, analytics, and insights. I made certain design choices because the goal was to provide agents with a streamlined, bright, and easy product. Based on feedback from government agents at the White House, the platform and UI was well-received! 

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