Art for Animals - NonProfit Sketching


The Opportunity

Two of my passions are sketching and animals and I wanted to combine my love for the two into something helpful. So I created a non-profit that creates sketches of people's pets and 100% of proceeds go to highly-rated or personally connected animal charities.

My Role

• Owner
• Developer
• Visual Designer
• Copywriter
• Artist




Raised thousands of dollars for animal charities.
Sketched over six pieces for donors, giving recipients a piece of memorable art of their pet.
Created responsive website and social media pages to showcase idea and product.
Created a special gift package that includes home-made bakery goods for pets, a beautifully printed thank you donor card, and the sketch with a satin red bow.
Assembled product and took photos for site and promotion.

Art For Animals Sketches

Highlighted here are a few of the sketches I created, with all proceeds going to animal charities around the world. 

I typically sketch in pencil, pen, graphite, and/or charcoal, with sometimes an added hint of watercolor. 

Art For Animals Responsive Site

I developed an HTML responsive site to allow users to see prices, order a sketch, see the sketch gallery and donor list, select a charity, donate, and more.

I partner with only highly reputable charities, some of whom I've worked with directly, and all who have a 4+ star rating on Charity Navigator.

Special Gift Package

I created a gift package with whimsical yet sophisticated stock print donor cards, home-made bakery pet treats, the recipient's sketch tied with a satin red bow. I made Art For Animals tote bags available and I photographed the product for promotion.

Coming soon

If I've piqued your interest or you have questions, please reach out. Unless you're a bot, in which case, please do not.

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