Retrofit Coaching Innovations


The Opportunity

Retrofit was a company that often discussed innovations. It was important for them to feel connected to and explore new and relevant technologies. This was an opportunity for me to design ideas around what might make our interface and our product more relevant and useful and to consider the cutting edge of wellness programs, as well as to communicate to our investors and potential partners that Retrofit was thinking about the future.

My Role

• Lead Product Innovation Visual Designer


• The company loved to explore possibilities but didn't have the resources to make them a reality. A part of designing for Retrofit was knowing that ideas may always remain ideas.
• There was no Product or Marketing Manager for much of my employment so very little was known about our quickly-changing participant market, making relevance a challenge.


I innovated ideas and created designs for our sales team members and presentations for our Executives for investor meetings, resulting in assistance with new partnerships and investor funds.
I lead Design Day workshops with all employees, exploring ideas of innovation for our user experience and product.
✓ Not having sufficient market information or the resources to build out new technologies took the limits off of what 'was possible' and allowed me to focus on what would be useful to our current participants, with fewer limits.

Body Kinetics Feedback

Low-fi visual of live, personalized feedback to decrease injury and increase effectiveness

I presented a low-fidelity representation of a user being able to receive automatic feedback from their phone and live guidance from their program coach, through their camera phone and body movements sensed through the app, about their exercise movements and body kinetics. The coach and app would provide ways to improve and would identify ways in which the participant is doing well. This would ultimately be tracked in their app and would allow the user to track their performance over time, decreasing injury and increasing effectiveness.

Healthy Choices - Restaurants Guide

I spent an afternoon coming up with ideas for a potential product that would allow visitors to find healthy restaurants on a map. Our app would show locations and healthy options at those locations, with a breakdown of meals that align with the Retrofit balanced plate program. The app would also offer tips on how to make healthy choices at restaurants, detailed nutrition info, prices, and directions.

Apple Watch App

Created mocks to convey idea of integrating wearables into our product

I played with visual ideas around notifications, goals, progress, and live tracking exercises for wearables, in order to communicate to investors and potential partners that we were thinking about what could be. This would help users reach their wellness goals by further integrating into their lifestyles and technologies.

Mood Analysis

Identifying and logging stress levels to support overall health and weight loss

Based on my research and the research of our program doctors, I learned that stress (both healthy eustress and unhealthy cortisol levels of distress) is a big contributor to weight. I felt that identifying and logging stress levels in our app would be valuable to our users in their emotional journey of overall well-being, so I spent a few days working on some ways to integrate mood analysis into our product; including breath, voice, and manual identification of feelings and stress.

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Food Image Analyzer

Created mocks to represent the concept of image analyzers that would allow the user to take a picture and get instant feedback based on the contents

These concepts showed the idea of taking pics of food to get instant feedback about the contents in a score form, 'balanced plate' check, or to get nutritional data. This would help users more easily find and track healthy foods to help them reach their wellness goals more easily.

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