SpotHero Logo Redesign


The Opportunity

This was an exciting opportunity to create a new brand identity for a rapidly growing startup, whose goal was to better represent their mission/vision/values and to better reflect their brand personality.

My Role

• Creative Director
• Developer
• UI / Visual Marketing Designer
• Product Management
• Supervisor of Design Contractors


• The current SpotHero logo had earned some level of equity and at this early stage of their market appearance, there was concern that an entirely new logo would alienate loyal customers who leaned heavily on logo recognition to find SpotHero parking in the garages.
• Time constraints due to lack of resources.
• Ultimately, our legal team deemed the new logo too similar to a universally recognized brand for Marvel Comics (Superman). Though UX and Design often leverages things are familiar to evoke emotions and create familiarity, the law team felt it was too alike.


✓ Worked with multiple designers to create a beautiful new logo and supporting collateral, which was well-received by internal employees and the market sample shown.

Logo Redesign

I worked with designers, acting as Designer and Creative Director, to craft a new logo aimed at better reflecting our heroic and friendly brand personality.

Updated Sample Collateral

I created new collateral to support our new logo, such as signage, flash drives, pens, transparent business cards, apparel, letterhead, and more.

Live Style Guide

I designed and coded a live style guide to communicate the proposed brand.

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