Equla Brand ID - Equine Data Innovations


The Opportunity

Developer/owner needed a designer's touch, a new logo, and brand ID for his incredible product idea. Basic premise of product is to provide quant data via chip that is implanted in horse gear to help horses and their owners. Data is then to be read on native app and web which helps horse owners track horse movements, whereabouts, health, progress, etc.

My Role

UI and Brand Designer, working with CTO


Startup had limited budget/funding, and I was unsure of target market data


✓I worked with the CTO one-on-one using his knowledge of his market needs and technological skills along my design/UX skills and horse riding know-how to create a pleasing brand ID and logo.
✓ Created materials for potential investors and helped CTO spread the Equla name
✓ Worked on a project that I'm very passionate about


This startup wanted a logo that was modern, data and equine-oriented, and simple. I took the client through about three rounds of explorations until we landed on this concept, where we refined it and I sent him a final logo pack with the horizontal and stacked versions, in various thicknesses.
We had the logo embroidered in riding equipment and riding blankets, as promotional gifts to potential investors.


Black and white flyer for trade show and for insertion in magazine

My client needed a simple, eye-catching black and white flyer that would appeal to the sophisticated market of horse owners and equestrians, for insertion in Horse magazine and to gather interest for product at trade show.

Digital UI / Branding

Color and mood refinements through slight color and typography variations

I created a number of variations to find the Founder's color, typography, and style preferences, in order to create a new brand style ID. Two of my top recommendations are shown here.

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