Thresher - Marketing Website


The Opportunity

A small startup, recently acquired by Two Six Technologies, was in need of a marketing website to help generate interest and tell the company story to investors and clients for their fairly complicated and innovative product. I was retained as the sole UX/UI designer for the project. I worked remotely with the CEO and Founder to bring our concept to life.

My Role

• UI / UX / Visual Designer
• Information Architect
• Website Developer in Webflow


Coming Soon


Designed and developed Thresher’s marketing site, which enables them to generate business.

Marketing Website Creation

Reaching investors and clients for the AI and machine learning platform

This tech startup needed web marketing materials to help promote their innovative new AI and machine learning product. I was the sole designer in charge of creating the website. I created wireframes and UI designs for the website; and I developed the site through Webflow.

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