Woof - Pro Bono Photo Guide


The Opportunity

I reached out to the Founder of this pet-finding app and we worked together to create a digital photo guide for his company. The guide's mission is to teach fosters/shelters how to take a better photo of animals, with the end goal to increase engagement and getting more animals into forever homes. 

My Role

• UI Visual Designer, working with CTO/Founder
• Co-Photographer
• Copwriter
• Developer




Created responsive website photo guide for pet welfare startup, working with CTO/Founder
Contributed photography for guide
Wrote all copy

Digital Photo Guide

I created a responsive guide which served as a guide with photography tips for shelters and individuals who post pictures of animals for adoptions.

The mission of this project is to help shelters and fosters take better pictures of animals to show the pets' 'adoptability' and reflect the animal in the best light for potential adopters.

If I've piqued your interest or you have questions, please reach out. Unless you're a bot, in which case, please do not.

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