Euromonitor UX Consultancy


The Opportunity

I was brought on to help identify problems with and create solutions for the product through research, mapping, wireframes, data infographics, usability tests, and analysis.

My Role

• Information Architect
• Researcher
• UX/Product Design
• Test Facilitator


Limited company-wide knowledge of UX and mobile value


✓ Worked with international stakeholders to develop tests for usability studies and site optimization testing.
Conducted UX research studies and internal research initiatives.
Advocated for user research and helped drive the integration of user-centered design processes and methodologies into the product development process.
Analyzed data, produced reports, and communicated insights/recommendations (as well as delivered overall user-interface design expertise) to clients and internal teams.
Produced research such as competitive evaluation, heuristic analysis, stakeholder and sales agent interviews, usability test reports, test plan strategies, etc.

Research & Discovery

I conducted, analyzed, and presented heuristics, research, and other data to find new solutions for the new Euromonitor website.

Discovery included competitive evaluations, my trademarked heuristic evaluation and grading system, usability testing, heatmapping, internal interviews and questionnaires, and more. The research was then presented to executives and stakeholders multi-nationally, with actionable plans for implementation into new product.

Wireframing a Solution

Leveraging my research, I created 15 pages of wireframes with my recommendations for manifestation of improvements.

Wires included desktop and responsive mobile recommendations, with conditions and research-affiliated annotations.

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