Orbitz Rebrand


The Opportunity

My job was to create easier, more engaging, and more delightful travel planning and booking online through good design and interaction. I was primarily a Visual UX Designer on an Agile team, focusing on site optimization and company rebrands.

My Role

• UX / Visual Designer
• Information Architect
• Assistant Copywriter


• The company was not ready for a fully new and innovative style redesign so our designs were limited to smaller space, current grid, and current home-grown development space.
• Time constraints


My rebrand design was chosen to be the new face of the Orbitz for both desktop and mobile.
✓ Created a new visual brand, with updated info architecture, color palette, typography, photography, and copy style, viewed by millions a day; resulting in higher engagement

Orbitz Rebrand

My design was chosen because it was a vibrant refresh while but kept the same basic grid, integrated user test results, introduced new brand elements and color palette, and required less development time.

I created wireframes for new pages.

I designed and wireframed new pages, staying within basic grid but playing with new color palette, some new functional elements, and optimizing the current space for better user experience.

CheapTix Rebrand

I created a new color palette for some of Orbitz's sister companies, including CheapTix.

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